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Unification Day

Unification Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Each year, Unification Day in Bulgaria falls on 6 September, regardless of what day of the week it is. On this day, the people of Bulgaria commemorate the unification of Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia, which occurred in 1885.

20246 SepFriUnification Day
20256 SepSatUnification Day
8 SepMonUnification Day Holiday
20266 SepSunUnification Day
7 SepMonUnification Day Holiday
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The unification was coordinated by the BSRC – Bulgarian Secret Revolutionary Committee. It was enacted after several rebellions took place in different towns in the Eastern portion of Roumelia. These followed the military takeover by Alexander I. Once the unification was in effect, Eastern Roumelia and Bulgaria created a joint government, an army, administration, and parliament.

The Steps to Unification

This historic proclamation was set up after a handful of people from the small Bulgarian city of Saedinenie marched to the city of Plovdiv, in Eastern Roumelia, removing one of the biggest injustices that were imposed by the then in power Berlin Congress. The actual Unification agreement was created by a network of revolutionary committees located in Eastern Roumelia and backed by the ruler of Bulgaria at the time.

Once the initial Unification was made, it provoked the disapproval of Russia, and with the support of this then-superpower, Serbia assaulted Bulgaria on 2 November 1885.

After a period of combat that lasted for fourteen days, on 28 November the Bulgarian army won the battles. On 19 February 1886 the treaty that restored the pre-war borderlines was signed in Bucharest with Serbia. When this agreement was signed, the unification received recognition internationally.

Celebrations of Unification Day in Bulgaria

Usually, the celebrations of Unification Day in Bulgaria are held on the night of September 6th in Plovdiv, which was once the capital of Eastern Roumelia when it was an Ottoman province. During these celebrations, the heads of state, President, and Prime Minister attend.

When evening falls on Unification Day in Bulgaria, there are fireworks that follow the military roll call in central Plovdiv square.

For those in Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria, the celebrations begin at the tomb where Knyaz Alexander I Battenberg, the German prince who supported the Unification lies. The Mayor of Sofia attends this event.

For those in Pleven and Blagoevgrad, celebrations are also scheduled on Unification day, but typically vary based on the governing parties and what they want to do on the day.

On this day, all government offices, schools, and the majority of privately run organisations and businesses remain closed. If you have plans to visit during this period, it is best to have everything you need in tow. You are likely going to discover several ceremonies and celebrations are going on around the various towns and provinces in Bulgaria and are welcome to join in ad enjoy these festivities, as well.

In most cases, there are ceremonies in the mornings, along with speeches from those in power, and firework displays in the evening to mark the end of the day. It is a fun event for both locals and visitors to attend.

Previous Years

20236 SepWedUnification Day
20226 SepTueUnification Day